Conference Playback Quick Start Guide

A detailed guide to using the Conference Playback endpoint through the CarrierX Portal and programmatically.


Conference playback is used to listen to saved recordings made during meetings. These meetings are configured through the Conference API.

Initial Setup for Conference Endpoint

Prior to configuring a Conference Playback endpoint, we will need to configure a Conference endpoint and storage for that endpoint. Please follow the steps on the Conference Quick Start Guide to do so.

To ensure that the endpoint was properly created, call into the meeting room. This will produce a file in the configured container. We will revisit this recording later after establishing the Conference Playback endpoint.

Initial Setup for Conference Playback Endpoint

In this section, we will walk through configuring a Conference Playback endpoint. At this point, you should already have a Conference endpoint configured.

1. To set up a Conference Playback endpoint, log into your CarrierX account. On the left-side menu, locate and click on the Configure menu. Click Endpoints .

2. Click Add New Endpoint .

3. Enter a name for the new endpoint. This is a friendly name that is used for internal reference.

4. Check Provision Trunk Group to create a trunk group. A trunk group is composed of one or more trunks, which determine where a call should be routed. Trunks route calls to the appropriate endpoint by identifying the DID, or phone number, dialed and matching it to the trunk group that the DID is assigned to. A DID is a phone number rented through CarrierX.

This guide includes instructions on assigning a DID to a trunk group. For more information about trunk groups and how to manage them programmatically, please refer to the Core API Reference Guide .

5. Choose Conference Playback from the Select Endpoint Type dropdown menu.

6. Click Create Endpoint .

7. To assign a phone number to the new trunk group created alongside the Conference endpoint, navigate back to the Configure menu and click Phone Numbers .

8. Click a phone number with No Trunk Group Assigned.

9. Once an available phone number is selected, scroll down and click Edit .

10. Select the newly-created endpoint from the dropdown list.

11. Click Save .

Connect the Endpoints

In this section, we will connect the Conference endpoint with the Conference Playback endpoint. This way, meetings recorded from the Conference endpoint are accessible by calling the phone number associated with the Conference Playback endpoint.

1. Click on the Application: Conference Playback tab.

2. Click Edit .

3. Select the Conference endpoint created earlier from the endpoint_sid dropdown menu.

4. Click Save .

5. Click on the Assigned Phone Numbers tab. The phone numbers listed here can be called to access the meeting recordings from the Conference endpoint. Note that the access code used with original meeting needs to be entered to listen to the recording.

If you created a recording after configuring your Conference endpoint, you may call this phone number now to ensure that both endpoints were set up properly.