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CarrierX is a scalable CPaaS and API provider with its own network. We give developers powerful tools to build enterprise-ready applications and services with Cloud-Based Voice, Video and Messaging.

What We Offer


Software & Service

Future-proof your communication infrastructure with embedded voice and messaging features built right into your core application. Your communications API comes with its own network, giving you carrier-level control while reducing overhead costs.


Enterprise-Level Scalability

Your CPaaS provider shouldn’t hinder your potential for growth. Build your applications on a global, customizable platform that scales with your business.


Carrier-Level Control

As you build your network, you want a CPaaS provider that gives you carrier-level capabilities, like call-quality management.

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Best-in-Class Solutions

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We Are Our Own Carrier

Most competitors use third parties to provide services. We deliver the product straight to you, cutting out the middleman to save you time and money.


Built on a Scalable Platform

As your business grows, your communications platform should too. CarrierX gives developers enterprise-ready communication solutions.


24/7 Network Monitoring

We have around-the-clock surveillance for your network to ensure we catch issues early and protect your customers from speed bumps in their UX.

We can help you build your entire communications infrastructure in one place.

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