Voice Products

Build voice applications, easily route, and deploy
our application endpoints to take advantage of pre-
built API-enabled products.

Product Features

  • Rent phone numbers to connect to the PSTN
  • Programmatically place and control calls using the FlexML API
  • Connect existing SIP infrastructure using SIP trunking
  • Integrate with our feature-rich, API-enabled conference bridge

Cubes icon inside hexagon APP ENDPOINTS

Endpoint Types

Conference Endpoint

Create meetings in which two or more parties can talk to one another.

FlexML Endpoint

Create interactive voice applications using our markup language.

Mediator Endpoint

Create forwarding logic between phone numbers.

Quick Start Guides

Configure an Application Endpoint

In-depth guide to configuring an application endpoint to establish call logic.

API Reference

Core API

Use core abilities like renting phone numbers, configuring recording storage, and managing trunk groups.

Site map icon inside hexagon SIP ENDPOINTS

Video Tutorials

Configure a SIP Trunk

Overview of configuring a SIP trunk to enable calls over the internet.

Place an Outbound Call

Overview of placing an outbound call from a rented phone number.

Quick Start Guides

Configure a SIP Trunk

In-depth guide to configuring a SIP trunk to enable calls over the internet.

Configure a Trunk Group

In-depth guide to configuring a trunk group that will route calls to an endpoint.

API Reference

Core API

Use core abilities like renting phone numbers, configuring recording storage, and managing trunk groups.

table icon inside hexagon ADDITIONAL RESOURCES

Video Tutorials

Rent a Phone Number

Overview of renting a phone number through the Portal.

Quick Start Guides

Bulk Editing Phone Numbers

Manage several phone numbers with a single request.

Bulk Editing Prefixes

Modify several prefixes with a single request.

Quick Start Guides

Create a Security Token

Create a security token to manage your logins.

Call Detail Record Application

Learn how to write an application allowing you to request the call detail records starting with a certain date.

Getting Started with Postman

Explore our API with Postman, a stand-alone client.

Rent a Phone Number

In-depth guide to browsing, renting, and managing phone numbers.

Using External Handlers

In-depth guide to assigning external handlers to the trunk group you use.

Processing Calls

Whitelist IP Ranges

Find out the IP ranges to which you must open your firewall for the incoming connections. This is necessary to process voice calls from CarrierX.

Phone icon inside hexagon LEARN MORE ABOUT CARRIERX

Getting Started

Learn where to start with CarrierX API.

How It Works

Learn how the calls between regular phones are routed and what CarrierX changes in this flow.

CarrierX Endpoints

Take a closer look at all the main endpoint variations available through CarrierX.

Trunk Groups and Trunks

Learn what trunks and trunk groups are and why they are so important.

Using OAuth Tokens

Learn what OAuth tokens are and how you can use them in CarrierX.

Prefix Routing

Find out what prefixes are and how they allow to route traffic without renting phone numbers.


Find out what transformations are and how they allow the partners to additionally manipulate the data of the incoming and outgoing calls.


Find out how STIR/SHAKEN protocol helps fight caller ID spoofing on telephone networks.

Storing Files with CarrierX

Find out how CarrierX storage allows you to save the recordings of your conferences, voicemails, and FlexML-related recordings and files.

Access Control

Find out how access control allows CarrierX partners to set up additional rules for inbound and outbound calls and text messages.

Push Notifications

Find out how you can send push notifications to mobile devices using CarrierX API.

Lookup Phone Numbers and IP Addresses

Find out how CarrierX API allows you to query detailed information about phone numbers and IP addresses.