HD Direct

Direct origination and termination to on-net carriers

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HD Direct

from CarrierX puts you on-net with the largest carriers with exclusive high definition audio.

Zero Hop Directs

Being on-net with carriers means low latency and no degradation of call quality. All calls are end-to-end SIP, never hitting TDM networks or secondary carriers.

HD Quality Audio

HD Direct delivers HD quality calls using AMR-WB, the native high-definition codec of wireless carriers. Now your calls can be high definition to and from the handset.

AMR-WB’s wider frequency band yields more natural sounding audio for better human clarity and understanding, increased transcription and sentiment accuracy, and better AI performance.

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Simplified Lower Costs

Direct connect to carriers reduces costs and allows for a simplified flat rate structure on-net, eliminating NPA-NXX tolls.

The HD codec reduces bandwidth while increasing call quality.

Stop paying more for lower quality calls.

Trusted Call Data

HD Direct provides enhanced call provenance and helps fight fraud.  Calls to and from on-net carriers are known and fully trustable by virtue of zero hops.

Because HD Direct is end-to-end SIP, all calls are STIR/SHAKEN signed, giving you full control over attestation.