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How to Rent Phone Numbers

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) from Carrier X provides a catalogue of telephone numbers that are available for purchase on a monthly basis. Our inventory includes domestic numbers with international phone numbers available.



Looking for a customized number or one that is easy to remember? Just make a simple request through our API. Once your phone number is claimed, it will be removed from the inventory and linked to your account.



At CarrierX, we own and operate our own network. And we are trustred by global brands to handle their communication needs. Easily rent phone numbers through the CarrierX portal using our cloud telephony API.

Find What You Need Instantly

Enter a phone number and search rates or by setting preferences. Have complete control over the types of phone numbers you choose and how your numbers appear, with full transparency throughout the process.

View Detailed Information About Phone Numbers

Easily retrieve detailed information about a phone number and return data. View Call Detail Records for inbound and outbound calls including date and time, originating and destination numbers, calling number ip addresses and more.

Masked Phone Numbers

Protect your anonymity and hide your number from caller ID. Call from a different phone number to mask your number completely. For added security, call through our Mediator proxy API and track calls between phone numbers.

Quickly Search the Phone Number Inventory

Get detailed information about a phone number with just a simple search. Specify your desired criteria through a filtered search by country, state, owner, or messaging capability.

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Phone number rental starts at just 60 cents per month. We offer excellent rates for both local and international numbers. ​​​​​​​