FlexML Endpoint

Create interactive voice applications using high-level
instructions, integrate HTTP applications, and make or
receive phone calls.

Use Cases

  • Create an interactive voice application without running your own SIP server
  • Integrate your data sources to look up customer records during calls
  • Build an interactive application with conditional logic that moves callers through prompts and responds to input on the fly

Product Features

  • Gather and respond to DTMF events
  • Play audio files or remotely hosted streaming media
  • Create call recordings in multiple formats
  • Implement text to speech using simple markup

Phone icon inside hexagon FLEXML

Video Tutorials

Configure a FlexML Endpoint

Overview of creating interactive voice applications using our markup language.

Quick Start Guides

Build a FlexML Advanced Play Application

In-depth guide to building an advanced Play application with FlexML.

Configure a FlexML Endpoint

In-depth guide to creating interactive voice applications using our markup language.

Storage and Recording with FlexML

In-depth guide to using storage and recording options with FlexML.

Password-Protected FlexML Application

In-depth guide to building a password-protected FlexML application and protecting your destination from unauthorized calls.

Answering Machine Detection

In-depth guide to protecting your destination from spammers with the help of AMD verb.

API Reference


Use FlexML abilities to create simple or complex voice applications.

Sample Applications

No-code CarrierX Apps

Configure applications you can run on your FlexML phone numbers without any code.

table icon inside hexagon ADDITIONAL RESOURCES

Video Tutorials

Rent a Phone Number

Overview of renting a phone number through the Portal.

Quick Start Guides

Rent a Phone Number

In-depth guide to browsing, renting, and managing phone numbers.