CarrierX will bill you for usage charges in whole minute increments, unless otherwise stated in the Rates applicable to your calling plan. The term Minutes refers to the inbound and outbound voice minutes that are generated by your account when the Audio Service is being used. Partial minutes will be rounded up to the next whole minute, and you will be charged for the entire minute of a partial minute used. If the computed charges for taxes and surcharges include a fraction of a cent, the fraction will be rounded to the nearest whole cent.

All products are billed in recurring monthly periods starting from the day of the calendar month you activated your service. For any phone numbers ("DID") rented in the middle of a billing period, you will be charged a pro-rated value for the first billing cycle and then billed a whole month in advance. It is CarrierX's policy to bill all calls or messages to you in the next billing cycle after the calls are made.

A DID is a phone number that is rented and enabled with audio and SMS capabilities. The monthly rental fee reserves this unique DID(s) for your use only. If you cancel your service, the DIDs associated to your account will be placed in a “cool-off” area, and they will no longer be available to you.

The term SMS Messages refers to the total number of individual Long Code SMS Messages that are generated by the Service from the specific DIDs enabled on your account.

CarrierX reserves the right to make changes to the invoicing cycle and dates.


You agree to pay for all usage fees set forth in the rate sheet ("Rates") prominently displayed in your Rates section in your CarrierX Portal or available through usage of the CarrierX API. All Rates provided through your CarrierX Portal or CarrierX API will be updated from time to time to reflect accurate market pricing and you agree to remain informed of all Rates made available to you through your CarrierX Portal or CarrierX API. It is your responsibility to regularly review pricing information made available to you in your CarrierX account.


You shall be responsible for all applicable taxes and surcharges assessed to recover the costs of any governmental programs, including, without limitation, federal universal service fund charges, excise taxes, value-added taxes, state and local sales, use, gross receipts and similar taxes (“Taxes”). You agree to pay all Taxes applicable to the Services, unless you provided to us acceptable documentation showing you are exempt and/or duties (collectively, “Taxes ”) imposed by any government entity or collecting agency based on the Services, except those Taxes based on CarrierX net income, or those Taxes for which you have provided a certificate to CarrierX confirming you are exempt. If you fail to satisfy your Taxes obligations herein, you agree to reimburse CarrierX for any Taxes paid on your behalf, and to indemnify, defend, and hold CarrierX harmless against any claim, liability, or penalties resulting therefrom.

If you are exempt from payment of any taxes, you must submit to CarrierX an original tax-exempt document. Documents should be mailed to: CarrierX, 4300 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90804, attention: Customer Service. Upon review and confirmation of your exemption request, CarrierX will set your account type to Taxes Exempt and we will exempt you from Taxes from that point forward. If CarrierX receives information to the contrary that your account is not Taxes Exempt, CarrierX will assess all prior Taxes due to your account and you agree to pay CarrierX those outstanding Taxes and any other applicable interest or penalties that may have incurred.


Bills are due and payable upon presentation and the Credit Card that you have placed on account with us will be used to pay for all Services rendered.

All fees due to CarrierX are payable in United States dollars. Your payment obligations cannot be cancelled, and all fees paid are non-refundable except as defined in Section 5. If you are overdue on any payment because of an invalid Credit Card, and you fail to pay CarrierX within ten (10) business days of your most recent invoice, then CarrierX reserves the right to impose a late fee on your account. The late fee will be either 1.5% per month, or the maximum amount allowable by state, whichever is less. In addition to any unpaid balances or late fees, CarrierX reserves the right to suspend your account until all payments overdue are received, including late fees.

In the event you have a separate commercial agreement with CarrierX, that agreement will define the payment term applicable to your relationship with CarrierX.


If you have an inquiry or complaint regarding Service or accounting, you may e-mail CarrierX at, write to the Billing Department, CarrierX, 4300 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90804, Attention: Customer Service, or telephone 1-844-844-0707. Please include your name, account number, the specific question or comment about the bill, and the dollar amount of the item(s) in question when submitting a billing request. If you believe that CarrierX has billed you in error, please pay the undisputed charges in full and notify CarrierX promptly. Adjustments to your bills shall be made to the extent that records are available and/or circumstances exist which reasonably indicate that such charges are not in accordance with approved rates or that an adjustment may otherwise be appropriate. Where over-billing occurs, due either to the Company or your error, no liability exists which will require the Company to pay any interest, dividend or other compensation on the amount over-billed.


To terminate your account, please send your written request to or 4300 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach CA 90804 Att: CarrierX Support. Once the request is received and reviewed, any unused pre-paid balance remaining on your account will be refunded to your credit card (or the original method of payment). If you request a check refund, a $30 processing fee will be deducted from your CarrierX balance first, and the remaining balance will be refunded. You will receive the refund within 45 days upon receipt of your request.